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BitTorrent announced yesterday the launch of BitTorrent Entertainment Network, a torrent-based (duh) movie rental site that will make mainstream and studio content available for download at around 3-4 a ‘rental’.  They’ve partnered up with some of the big Hollywood studios, so yes it’s DRM crippled (so much so that it only runs on PCs, and can not be transfered from system to system), but you know that’ll last about 3 days until some 14 year old kid in Belgium cracks it after school.  Still, it’s good to see someone trying to work with the studios to embrace the torrent audience and offer secure, guaranteed downloads.

Yes, my evangelizing of the wonderful Nintendo Wii must continue.  As much as I’m digging the Wii games, I’m just as happy with the Virtual Console games, and that’s coming from a guy who has about 10 emulators running on his PC.  Anyway, Hack a Wii has a bevy of really sweet little DIY mods you can apply to your Wii, from little things like adding/swapping LED lights to the remote to making your very own Wii based laptop.  Get your solder on.

OpenCongress is a joint venture between the Sunlight Foundation and the Participatory Politics Foundation that aims to make citizens more aware of how our government is working for us (or not), and to make the happenings in the House and Senate much more transparent and open to public accountability.  You can track legislation, follow voting records, and basically make yourself a more informed and aware citizen.  Another really handy function is the blog aspect, which seeks to educate and explain the minutiae and more byzantine aspects of our Legislative branch.  My only complaint about this site is that it’s something that the House and Senate should have done themselves a few years ago.

Dark Roasted Blend has a great photo essay on the long-gone glamor of airline travel in the days of old.  Of course, what he isn’t telling you is that there’s a dark side to that glamor.

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