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by mr sparkle on March 20, 2007 · 3 comments

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I’ve been writing Stallone for years, telling him that the sequel he needs to make is called Judge Dredd II: Fergie’s Revenge, but instead he decides to slap another sequel onto his Rocky franchise.  Pssh, whatever Sly, see if I keep you in my Christmas card list after this.

Blood Diamond: I got a screener DVD of this movie four months ago, but still haven’t gotten myself to sit down and watch it.  Why?  It’s two and a half hours of a film that got mixed reviews (getting a semi-decent 63% from Rotten Tomatoes.) I mean really, do any of the Editors or Directors out there in Hollyland know what it feels like to sit through 150 minutes of picture?  I guess I’ve strayed from the topic of Blood Diamond now, but it irks me that every other film is over two hours nowadays, it’s just too many minutes for most films to be able to cover.  Back to the movie though, Thundarr seemed to enjoy it to a degree, and anyone interested in the film can choose between a one-disc or two-disc edition, if they have the time.

Eragon When I saw Eragon in theaters, it was my idea of a good time – not a good film.  I scrounged up a couple of friends to come with me, and we swapped negative commentary while hurling insults towards the film for a good hour.  It was great, Eragon is like a film that thinks of itself as an epic, but comes out more like an after-school special with a dragon, and my friends held no mercy for the film.  But then, some woman behind us whispered at us with her suppressed anger “Quiet, we’re trying to watch the movie!” Well, we didn’t want to bother the poor woman – it’s not her fault that her taste in film is on par with Halle Berry’s agent’s – but it did mean that we never got the chance to mock the second half of the film, UNTIL NOW.  Thank you, DVD, now I get to Netflix this sucker and slap it silly.  Really, I thought this was an awful film (as seen in my Worst Of ‘06 list; ) but on the other hand, Thundarr didn’t seem to hate it as much as I did.

Justice League Unlimited: Season Two: I haven’t seen an episode of this animated show myself as of yet, but from what I hear it kicks some serious pooper.  A fellow critic even brags that his daughter loves this show, so it must have something to it.  Fans of the show should take note of this last season.  If you need to catch up you can check out Thundarr’s review for Season One and his review for Season One of Justice League.

Rocky Balboa: I have a warm fuzzy memory that I think relates how special this film feels to me, as well as the millions of people that have known Rocky through his good films and his bad.  When I went to go see the movie, an older man (60- or 70-years-old) came up to me.  Dressed in his jacket and black fedora, he walked with a slight hint of a hunch, with a grin pulled wide across his face, like it was a real treat to treat himself to a early matinee.  Then he asked me, “Balboa, they’re playing it down there, right?” like he was excited to be able to say that he was seeing a Rocky flick for the first time in X-teen years.  And I can’t help but think he must have enjoyed it: Rocky Balboa is hardly a great film, but it’s delicately handled and touching; Thundarr agrees.  It’s one of the few inspirational sports dramas out there that actually inspires, and has you rooting for the good guy like he’s your best friend.  A very nice film that let’s us all revisit the great film that was the first Rocky.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/dragonlews elkciN

    I liked Rocky Balboa, but I’ve been a sucker for the series since I was a young’un.

    Now, tell me more about this Judge Dredd II. There is no way they could top the the greatness that is the first one.

  • http://www.expage.com/ianthomas Muldoon

    I mean, it’s a pretty simple idea that will yield great results.  Dredd cleans up the city, only to find that a new bad guy is in town, a bad guy named King Koopa, played by Dennis Hopper.  Will Dredd save the day?  What about Bob Hoskins?  John Leguizamo!!?

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    Don’t forget Samantha Mathis. She probably needs the work.

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