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No love.

Two?  That’s all you can give us, Hollywood, just two DVDs worth reccommending to the good people that make up Transbuddha’s loyal reading basis?  Couldn’t you have at least given us another special edition of Reservoir Dogs??!  No?!!  Well thanks a lot, assholes, you just made yourself an enemy.

Casino Royale: It was the refreshing restart that the franchise needed oh so badly, and probably the best action film of 2006.  Daniel Craig gave us a perfect James Bond: we finally saw a realistic 007, one that wasn’t always likable.  Hell, most of the time he was an outright prick that you would dread having to play a round of poker with.  That may have presented some problems understanding how Eva Green could have fallen in love with him, but who cares?  When an action film weary film-goer like myself is strapped into his seat with every emotion hanging along with James Bond from a construction crane, isn’t that all that should matter?  Thundarr enjoyed the ride to, as you can see by reading his review.

Loonatics Unleashed: Season One: This futuristic reinvention Looney Toons should make for a great pro for that “Should I Kill Myself?” checklist that you started after you saw the trailer for White Chicks.

Shortbus: I’m not as familiar with the LGBT genre of film as I’d like to be, but I have a hard time imagining anyone does it better than John Cameron Mitchell.  After his debut film Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Mitchell followed up with Shortbus, or, as you may have heard it called, That Movie Where People Have Real Sex; but it would be both premature and immature to label the film as a Porno.  Though, Shortbus features explicit sexuality, it’s not just some jerk-off flick, it’s a film brave enough to examine the way Americans love, which unavoidably involves sex.  Mitchell’s delicate but determined approach to the film results in an intimate indie flick sure to find a fan-basee that will never let you think of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ the same way again.  Thundarr was less satisfied by the film, but wasn’t entirely turned off.

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