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Is it even remotely possible that there was ever a better television kitty cat icon that that of Salem Saberhagen?  I think not.

Borat: I live in a college dorm right now, and there are TVs everywhere.  We are a people of the boob tube, often tuning into such stereotypically college shows like Family Guy and The Colbert Report.  And it goes without saying that, starting today, whenever I’m in the building there will constantly be a DVD player playing Borat within at a thirty foot radius from me for the rest of the semester.  Borat’s a pretty damn good comedy, taking guirilla theater to a new level; and it’s not in any need of being hyped, so instead of raving the film any further I’ll just refer you to my review.  This DVD doesn’t boast an ‘Unrated’ version of the film, but it does boast a fair share of deleted scenes, along with featurettes like the promising “Kazakhstan ‘Bay Watch’ Spoof.”

I admit it, this column is just

me whoring myself out to

Arrested Development.

The Loop: Season One: I think I’ve only seen two, maybe three episodes of The Loop, FOX’s sitcom about a recent college graduate trying to understand how fucked up the coporate world is with his job at an airline.  In a post-Arrested Development (where the show likely recieved much inspiration,) it gave me hope that the sitcom wasn’t dead – just reincarnated into a refreshing, funnier form, ready to accomidate audiences younger than those who still watch Everybody Loves Raymond repeats.  Of course, that doesn’t anyone but me and my brother watched it (see: Arrested Development,) but FOX is taking the honorable route and giving the show another season, set to debut in June.  Unapologetically witty and ironic, The Loop is a show that desereves a second shot.  Need some more convincin’?  Then check out the show’s MySpace, where Fox has been sage enough to let people from any of the internets watch seven of the first season’s nine episodes.  Radasaurus!

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: Season One: Okay, let’s be honest.  If you were in grade school in the late 90s like I was, you probably watched Sabrina every Friday night on TGIF (but not after it went to the WB, then it was just lame.) And after recently revisting the show via the wonder of ABC Family, I have to say I don’t blame myself for it in the slightest.  The show’s off-the-wall, sarcastic and innocent humor was perfect fodder for my fifth-grade self, while likely contributing a great deal to my current sense of humor.  It was like a show for Junior Pop-Culture geeks.  I might catch some shit for saying this, but I might go so far as to call it (in its third reference of the night) Arrested Development for kids – though the Spellmans were never quite as bat-shit insane as the Bluths, the laughs were fast-paced while often going over the audience’s head.  You know, it’s totally possible that I’m just trying to relive the wonder that was youth and Generation-X for this sentimental sitcom of mine; but I really did love this show, and something tells me there are plenty of people like me out there.

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