Dwarf Complete

by alphamonkey on March 16, 2007 · 2 comments

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Here’s a funky little puzzle / adventure game that is part of the Lineage II online RPG entitled Dwarf Complete.  I’m not huge on these games, but there’s a very specific reason I’m posting it:  It’s a commission game from On of EyeMaze, maker of the ‘buddha favorite, GROW

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  • http://www.likedreams.net Arhu

    Looks like lots of fun! But maybe I’m missing something, can anyone tell me how to avoid the trap door when you pick up the third item? Or how to get out? Are there any other controls I’m supposed to be able to use besides the normal movement keys? Can’t really click on anything in the status window other than “Data Clear”…

  • http://www.likedreams.net Arhu

    Never mind, there are secret passages in this game. Finished, was fun! Could only get 9 of 10 crescent pieces though, no idea how to get the last one.

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