Feature Review – Meet The Robinsons

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Meet The Robinsons ✩✩✩ ( out of ✩✩✩✩✩ )

As likable as it is, Meet The Robinsons is not a good movie.  It never raises a question too complicated for a young audience to understand, and the plot is as straight as an airport runway, but it doesn’t matter.  The voice actors and animators inject enough spunk to make it feel like the film just might bounce off of the screen in front of you; which if you do it right, is all that you need to make an entertaining animated film for the family.

The film focuses on Lewis, an orphan with a love for science and invention.  He’s just beginning to give up hope of ever picking up a pair of parents for himself when Wilbur, 13-year-old with a cowlick and a time machine, shows up and takes Lewis to the future.  To be honest, I can’t quite recall why the two had to jump further along the space-time continuum; but seeing as how it gives the guys at Disney an excuse to envision Tomorrowland via CG, I’m not sure that I need a reason.

This is when the film starts to really rev its engine.  The bright colors, the round hills and curvy buildings make the future just as inviting as you imagined it would be when you were in second grade; while the humor starts hitting every mark with multiple family friendly pop-culture laughs every minute.  It’s as peppy as a middle school cheerleader jacked on a four-pack of Red Bull and a Hannah Montana marathon, while being more enduring than annoying.  As the hover cars fly, then bowler hats vroom and the dinosaurs lumber about; the movie’s a trip that never stops moving, while never running at a dizzying pace like a certain other CG film edited to resemble ADHD.  As an added plus, the film is being shown in 3-D, an option that greatly adds to the experience and novelty of a future setting with a retro knack to its design.

The movie isn’t much more than a fun ride through the future, but the movie’s cute enough to maintain the audience’s attention for its running time.  With Disney animation nuts (like me) are hoping for a comeback, Meet The Robinsons is a great first step, its great visuals and a story emotionally touching enough to have any age group engaged in the film.

Meet The Robinsons (3 Stars out of 5) is rated G, with a running time of 102 minutes.

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