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by alphamonkey on March 12, 2007 · 1 comment

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Yes, yes… I’m off to a late start today, but that’s actually good news for you folks, as I’m going to start playing with moving away from a set schedule and posting more frequently during the course of the day. But enough blither blather. Let’s look at the news.

First up, Haliburton is relocating their headquarters from Houston, TX to Dubai, of all places. Now, I can somewhat understand their moving from Duncan, Oklahoma to Dallas and then to Houston, but Dubai? Kinda makes you wonder if they know something we don’t, eh?  Of course, with all the hubbub about Haliburton being responsible for at least 2.7 billion out of the 10 billion in contractor waste and overcharging in Iraq,maybe

it’s no wonder the oil services giant is looking to relocate to one of the world’s most liberal tax law and investment nations.

Next up:  Bad news, folks. Looks like the Terminator movies are precog documentaries after all.  The British military intelligence satellite SkyNet5 was launched into orbit from French Guiana this weekend.  Bad news for anyone named Sarah Connor, that’s for sure.

And lastly, it looks like even the US Postal Service can’t hide it’s love for Star Wars, as they’re rolling out R2-D2 themed mailboxes to commemorate this year being the 30th anniversary of Star Wars.  Fun!

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    Well, atleast our hometown still has Astroworld… Oh wait, no, we don’t.  Well, we still have alot of strip clubs… but then again, we have that damn three foot rule.  Fuck!

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