It’s Giveaway Time, YAAAAAAH!

by alphamonkey on March 29, 2007 · 25 comments

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UPDATED Well, the votes are tallied and we’ve got winners to reward.  Hope you didn’t snooze through this, but we’ll have other contests in the future.  Winners announced inside!  Contact me to collect your prizes!!

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Winners!  Winners!  Everyone’s a winner!!

Shirts, posters, hats, and condoms (we don’t want you reproducing, now do we?) for everyone.

Oub big winners are – elkciN, badwolf, drewpydeg, neurotickeith, Owlsey, Joe Locke.  First choice is yours!

Okay guys I need to know where to send your winnings (street, city, zip – you know the drill) and what it is you want.  Please put in order of preference what movies you would like cool swag from – 300, Casino Royale, Shooter, and Dreamgirls.

Oh, and if any of you are big An Inconvenient Truth fans let me know.  I have two small trinkets to give away for Gore’s Oscar winning flick.

But don’t worry sparky, alftard, nirakara, whatsupugly, Pedro I Wong, nola78, we’ve got plenty of scraps for you (once you fight for the death for my amusement that is – just kidding).  You’ll all get posters – tell me what your order of preference – Casino Royale, 300, and Marie Antoinette.  Be quick and I might even throw in a 300 condom for ya!

Just click on my name at the top of this post which should bring up my member profile, hit the e-mail button and send me your info.  It’s that easy!

Thanks for playing and Congratulations!

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  • elkciN

    Tough question, I’d have to go with Little Miss Sunshine, or Thank You For Smoking. Little Miss Sunshine was just such an offbeat little gem, and it was a great representation of a film that didn’t need explosions or some contrived drama to get it’s point across. As I stated before, it’s the only film that I can remember that made me cry-laugh.

    Thank you for Smoking was just a great film, and it’s protaganist serves as an inspiration for myself (for better or for worse). It was a great look into the inner-workings of politics, lobbyists, and really just people in general. Everyone’s a bullshit artist, only a few are really good at it. Plus for some reason my friends and I have a running joke involving the line ‘Some syrup for the missus?”. I couldn’t quite explain it, except that we were watching it drunk one time, and that whole scene just came off so ominous.

    Honorable mention to The Prestige as well, for keeping me guessing the entire movie. So much so that I wasn’t even sure exactly what I was trying to guess anymore. (except of course the christian bale revelation)

  • Thundarr (Alan Rapp)

    Ah, you named two of my favs from last year.  It was certainly a good year for comedy.

  • Joe Locke

    My favourite film of last year was Shortbus.  Frankly, I didn’t think that, in a cynical, post-911, AIDS ravaged North America, a movie like this could work.  It works well.  I thought that an “arty” film about a group of messed up (both sexually and emotionally) New Yorkers and the salon that they gravitate towards for solace and salvation was the stuff of decades past, a throwback to the days of free love and patchouli.  It is modern and relevant.  The media shock and hype that surrounded the graphic sexuality was misguided and childish.  The characters that are developed in large part through examination of their sexuality grow to be much more.


    It’s a movie that made me laugh and cry in equal measure.  It’s got singing and dancing. It’s got slapstick and orgies. It’s got great acting and a reference to Lotus Weinstock.  What’s not to like.

  • sparky

    Sadly, I don’t get out to the movies as much as I’d like (damn offspring). But I was able to catch a handful of films from last year. My favorites were Pan’s Labyrinth, Thank You For Smoking and Little Miss Sunshine – in that order.

    I’m hoping to catch more good films this year. Namely, 300, Zodiac, Grindhouse, Hot Fuzz, Severance, Spidey 3, among others that I’m forgetting. I would mention Rob Zombie’s take on Halloween but I’m a bit nervous about that one.

  • alfatard

    I’m looking forward to Synecdoche, New York, beause three years is to long for Charlie Kauffman to go without releasing a film.  Plus he has done such a great job as a writer, it will be nice to see him as a director.

  • badwolf09

    i got dragged along to go see “The Fountain” when it came out.  i had seen some of the previews and was not impresed at all.  and from the writer who gave us “requiem for a dream” i felt i wanted nothing of what he was offering.  (great f-in movie but kept me up nights that one did) but as i sat and watched the story unfold i became entranced by it.  it took me a while afterward to realize that it wasn’t a story about two people who live for a thousand years, but a story of three seperate lifetimes and an incredibly deep look at how people deal with life and death in their lifetime.  this was the only move all year that i went to see multiple times in theaters (three to be exact.) for hours after every showing i would lay awake and think about the movie.  drawing connections between the storys.  discovering things i had missed on the screen that came to me hours later.  i had to go back and watch it again. 

    add not only a deeply moving thought provoking script but add absolutly gorgeous cinimatography and this movie becomes an instant classis.  granted an underground cult classic but classic none the less.

  • badwolf09

    oh yeah… the movies i’m looking forward to.  i’d have to say grindhouse.  both Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez have perfected the ability to bring out the repressed elementary schooler in all of us.  every movie they make makes us feel like we are young watching a movie our parents would ground us for watchng.  something that plays at one in the morning on the pay cable channels.  the absolute limit in gorey bloody violence and blatant sex that is still art in its most fantastic form.  this is the movie i most want to see this year.

  • nirakara

    I just got back from the theater and I gotta say that I thoroughly enjoyed 300. Perhaps as the review mentioned the acting isn’t always there,and the Scottish accents made me wonder where I was at times, but as an audio-visual experience, WOW! Perhaps you have to be in a heightened testosterone mood, but it truly was edge of my seat for me throughout (SPARTA!!!).

    But anyway since my favs (Sunshine and Shortbus) were already mentioned I’m going to go on file as the local uber-dork and say that I can’t wait for Transformers, the movie. Being an engineer and programmer child from the 80’s to 90’s I doubt it will be able to live up to my wild imaginings of the larger-than-life sentient robots that fueled many a war in my Lego cities against unsuspecting GI Joes; but by the same token I can’t wait to see what were only mental images or plastic toys finally portrayed in the 3D renderings that might truly do this alien race justice. Who’s with me on this?

  • Thundarr (Alan Rapp)

    As a kid who grew up with robots who were more than meets the eye, Transformers is one I’m both hopeful for and also dreading a little.  The technology seems to be available to do it justice, I just hope somebody took time to come up with a good story and not just take if for granted that the built-in audience will show up no matter what is thrown up on the screen.

  • whatsupugly

    I am SEVERELY looking forward to seeing “The Host” although it came out on the 9th, it is not coming out anywhere in or around the Cincinnati area for quite some time. The closest it is getting to Ohio isn’t even until the 23, and that’s in Columbus (which is at least a 4 hour drive…and I don’t own a car) So I guess i’m REALLY REALLY looking forward to it coming out on DVD. I think i’m using this comment to make you feel sorry for me. Do you? And I guess that I am looking forward to it because who doesnt love a good Japanese monster flick? I know I do. And this movie didn’t come out last year, but Suicide Club. I think it needs a good mentioning on transbuddha.

  • drewpydeg

    My favorite film from last year had to be Children of Men.  I thought that of the “future” films I have seen, it has the most realistic view of modern times.  Everything looks the same, with a few twists.  We aren’t suddenly gonna all start wearing lykra just cause it’s the future. 

    The story was engaging, and some of the scenes drew me in more than I have been in a very long time.  And the long steady cam shots were well planned and exciting.  I watched it twice in one weekend, and loved it both times.

  • Thundarr (Alan Rapp)

    It was a poor year for sci-fi, until the last couple of months of the year and Children of Men was pretty darn good.  Too bad it got screwed over with such a late release date and poor marketing that many critics, let alone audiences, didn’t see it until well into the new year.

  • neurotickeith

    I’d say the best film of last year was The Departed.

    Think about it guys.  Not only was the movie massively entertaining it worked on “that other level” for people that like to think when they watch their movies.  I think for a film to be adored by that guy that wants to see Wild Hogs and also be loved by the foreign film guy is an amazing accomplishment.

    The overall theme of duality in the film had great depth rarely seen in films that are a box office success.  Seeing the film a second time makes you notice little things concerning that theme you couldn’t ee the first time around.  A movie that offers some more the second time around is always a good thing. 

    The movie has ridiculous replay value wherein I could see people having watched the movie multiple times and dying to see it again.

    The songtrack is excellent.  Hearing “Well Well Well” (by John Lennon) played faintly in the background while Jack Nicholson started speaking about a quote (by John Lennon) was a stroke of genius.  The acting was top notch with everyone delivering their all…even Alec Baldwin.

    Lastly, it was just fun to see Marty back in the game he knows best.

    My most hotly anticipated ovie for this year is either Hot Fuzz or Grindhouse.  The fact that the filmmaker for either movie are holding repertory series (Edgar Wright in MA. and Quentin Tarantino in CA.) for the obscure films that inspired their current work gives me enough confidence that these movies will stay true to their wonderfully retro roots. 

    Plus they both look fun as hell so it’s a win win situation for everyone!

  • Thundarr (Alan Rapp)

    The Academy seems to agree with you.  As for Grindhouse, I’m a little wary as it seems like a one of those projects which will struggle to live up to the hype, but if nothing else it should be a bloody good time.

  • Pedro I Wong

    For me, the best film of this year was easily “Who Killed the Electric Car.” Entertaining and honest….Great combo!  And it made me want to drive one of those EV1’s!

  • Thundarr (Alan Rapp)

    I’m glad you enoyed it.  It’s too bad more people didn’t see it and the release was limited, mostly in art houses, and it lacked much of a media marketing punch to get people to the theater.  Hopefully it will find an audience on DVD.

  • nola78

    Heck, I cannot even remember the name. It was the film about a mouse down the sewer and adventures in an alternative London. I took the 10 year old son of my ex-girlfriend. It was not just for children and his joy and excitement were the most fun at a movie for me in the past year. I look forward to the movie of Norman Spinrad’s Bug Jack Barron. Will it ever be made? Nows’s the time!


  • Thundarr (Alan Rapp)

    The animated flick you’re thinking of is Flushed Away which I’ll freely admit was much better than I expected based on the premise.  Since you liked it, I’d recommend both Cars and Over the Hedge too.

  • Owsley

    A Scanner Darkly, anyone?

    Besides the brainmeltingly cool rotoscoping effects, there’s a deep and interesting story that actually makes you think when the movie ends. I’ve watched it at least ten times by now and every single time I see it I notice something different in there somewhere. Sure, it may not make perfect sense the first time through, but I promise it’s gold after another viewing.

    I’m most looking forward to The Invisible right now because the premise is incredible. Let’s just hope it’s properly excecuted.

    P.S. Snakes on a Plane is #2

  • Thundarr (Alan Rapp)

    Scanner was very cool even if it did make you earn the revalations through the slower parts of the film.  If you like reality-bending brain-twisters, The Science of Sleep is worth a look.  They were two of the last, and hardest, cuts for me when making up my best of the year list.

  • Owsley

    I’ve been meaning to check that one out for a while now. One of my artsier friends recommended it.

  • badwolf09

    did they ever pick a winner for this?

  • .alphamonkey.

    Good timing.  People should be hearing from us post-haste.

  • elkciN

    OOOOH!!! I want a Pony!!!

  • .alphamonkey.

    I don’t have a pony to give away, but I can send you a coupon for a pony keg of Natty Light.

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