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by alphamonkey on March 26, 2007 · 1 comment

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First off, let me say this:  Anyone who might imply or explicitly state that caring for newborn twins is anything other than horrendously taxing is either lying, insane, or only knows of twins from what they’ve read in Penthouse Letters.  Secondly, do no be fooled into thinking that an infants less than perfected gastrointestinal system isn’t capable of producing a staggeringly complex array of foul odors and substances.  Olfactory delights such as ‘old french fry grease’ and ‘stink lure bait’ are but a mere sampling of what these diabolical cuties can produce. Just some FYI from this haggard father of newborns.

Let’s move on to the links.

BeliefNet has a great e-mail exchange/debate between atheist author Sam Harris and conservative pundit Andrew Sullivan on the very nature of faith, religion, and the problem with fundamentalism in this modern world.  Give it a looky loo.

If New York City contractor Eric Beck is telling the truth in his affidavit to a Manhattan Federal Court, the streets of New York are literally being paved with the dead, due to pulverized remains from the World Trade Center attacks being used to fill potholes and ruts in the road by other contractors.

And finally, France’s CNES started uploading their now-public UFO files on Friday.  Put on your tinfoil hats and dig in!

Good morning!

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  • Arhu

    Sounds like you are having fun!

    I’m a (fraternal, i.e. non-identical) triplet, I can only imagine what caring for multiple children must be like. Though my parents told me once that they took care of a neighbor child too – one more didn’t make that much of a difference. wink

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