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What’s better than a trailertastic load o’ links dropped hot for you on a Tuesday?  Well, probably at least a couple of things, but it’s not like you’re paying for this.  HiDef links below, and embed in the extended.

Get your old 3-D glasses out of the closet, because the first big animated film of the year Meet the Robinsons comes to theaters on Friday, and make sure you check back for our review!

In The Lookout a local athletic hero deals with a accident that leaves him partially mentally retarded, and then he’s given the opportunity to earn some extra money in a bank heist.

Jon Heder and Will Ferrel as figure skaters?  Blades of Glory skates into theaters everywhere on Friday.

When was the last time you saw a Swedish film (and no, watching the Swedish chef sketches on The Muppet Show doesn’t count)?  Fans of foreign cinema, who live in New York and New York can give After the Wedding (Efter brylluppet) a try on Friday.

Live Free and Die has been referred to as everything from a deft comedy and a 90 minute sitcom.  From two Seinfeld writers comes this oddball comedy about a wannabe criminal and his dumb friend which opens in limited release on Friday.

And finally, in our WTF release moment of the week, comes the re-release of Peaceful Warrior.  What, you don’t remember this one with Nick Nolte as a Yodi/Mr. Miyagi guru to a troubled gymnast?  Well you’re not alone.  The film was dismissed and forgotten by both critics and audiences last fall, but it’s back!  Maybe they’ll keep releasing this every six months until someone enjoys it.  You can read the review here.

Well that’s it for this week; trailers for all six are available in the extended in our Trailer House Embed Theatre.  Enjoy! 

Disney’s latest is an animated 3-D time travel adventure about an orphan inventor (Daniel Hansen) who travels into the future features the voices of Angela Basset, Laurie Metcalf, Tom Selleck, and Adam West.  Meet the Robinsons opens wide on Friday and we’ll have the review!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock from the Sun, 10 Things I Hate About You) stars as a mentally challenged bank janitor who comes to the attention of a group of theives who want to rob the bank.  Jeff Daniels, Matthew Goode, Carla Gugino, and Isla Fischer also star.  The Lookout opens wide on Friday and we’ll have the review!

In Blades of Glory Jon Heder and Will Ferrel star as two Olympic figure skaters banned from male single skating for their rivalry who decide to compete as a pair.  Will Arnett, Jenna Fischer, Craig T. Nelson, and Amy Poehler also star.  The film opens in wide release Friday.

In India the manager of a stuggling orphanage (Mads Mikkelsen) is offered a large sum of money if he will travel to Denmark by a man (Rolf Lassgard) who’s real motives are known only to himself.  After the Wedding (Efter brylluppet) opens exclusively in New York and Los Angeles on Friday.

Aaron Stanford plays a small time crook with delusions and Paul Schneider plays his dimwitted friend in this offbeat comedy from Gregg Kavet and Andy Robin.  Live Free or Die also stars Zooey Deschnel, Michael Rappaport and Kevin Dunn.  The film opens in limited release on Friday.

This little forgettable flick about an injured gymnast (Scott Mechlowicz) and a mystical guru coach (Nick Nolte) just won’t seem to die.  Released last fall to thunderous apathy and silence Peaceful Warrior gets another chance in limited release on Friday.  You can read the review in the RF backlog!

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