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by alphamonkey on March 20, 2007 · 4 comments

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What’s better than a trailertastic load o’ links dropped hot for you on a Tuesday?  Well, probably at least a couple of things, but it’s not like you’re paying for this.  HiDef links below, and embed in the extended.

Let’s start with action, turtle-style.  The new TMNT kicks some serious ass (and sticks around to take some serious names) as it hearkens back to the look and style of the original Eastman and Laird comics.  Seriously cool stuff here folks.  Just how cool?  Check back for my review Friday!

Speaking of action, Mark Wahlberg’s got a new flick in Shooter will remind some of when Arnold and Stallone ruled the genre.  Think Commando meets First Blood Part II meets Sniper.  Does it work?  Check back Friday for the full review to find out.

It seems they’ve made a sports movie out of everything, but wait – here comes swimming!  Terrance Howard stars in Pride, a smooth 70’s style mixed with racial tensions and a bunch of guys swimming back and forth in a pool.  Check back for the review when the film hits theaters Friday.

Last year marked the first two 9/11 films to hit theaters, now here comes a post-9/11 flick with…Adam Sandler?  Reign on Me opens in theaters Friday and, again, we just might have a review for ya’!

In The Last Mimzy a pair of children start showing strange side effects after they begin playing with some mysterious toys (no, it’s not Jumanji).  It opens Friday in limited release, and, you guessed it, we’ll have the review!

And I guess it wouldn’t be a week at the theater without a new horror flick.  This Friday The Hills Have Eyes 2 spooks its way onto screens everywhere.

If all that’s not enough for you (man are you greedy today) you can check out this quartet of films out in limited release this Friday including The Prisoner or: How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair, Air Guitar Nation, Color Me Kubrick, and First Snow.  Much more on each, including trailers with the all the above, is available in the extended in our Trailer House Embed Theatre.  Enjoy! 

The heroes in a half-shell blast back onto the big screen in what is easily the best film featuring ninja turtles.  TMNT almost allows you to forget about those other flicks.  It opens Friday in wide release, and make sure you come back to read the full review!

Mark Wahlberg plays the military’s best sniper forced out of retirement and on the run when he’s framed for the attempted assassination of the President.  Danny Glover, Michael Pena, Kate Mara, and Rhona Mitra also star.  Shooter opens in wide release Friday, and make sure to come back to check out the full review! 

Terrance Howard stars as the swim coach in the Philadelphia Department of Recreation in the 1970’s.  Bernie Mac, Kimberly Elise, Tom Arnold, and Nate Parker also star.  Pride opens wide on Friday; check back for the review

In Reign on Me Adam Sandler plays a man who is still stuggling with the loss of his family on 9/11 when he runs into his old college roommate (Don Cheadle) who just might be the only one who can help him through his grief.  Jada Pinkett Smith, Liv Tyler, and Saffron Burrows also star.  It opens wide on Friday and we’ll have the review.

A pair of children (Chris O’Neil, Rhiannon Leigh Wryn), a box of mysterious toys, and a world beyond imagination are the stuff The Last Mimzy is made of.  Timothy Hutton and Joely Richardson also star.  It opens in limited release on Friday, and we’ll have the review!

On the last day of training a group of National Guard find themselves under attack from killer mutants.  Michael McMillen, Jessica Stroup, Daniella Alonso, and Jacob Vargas star.  The Hills Have Eyes 2 opens wide on Friday.

In this tongue-in-cheek dark comedy four Iraqis are taken from their home and sent to Abu Ghraib, despite the lack of a single shred of evidence, for a plot to kill Tony Blair.  Sadly, unless you live in New York you’ll have to wait to see The Prisoner or: How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair which opens exclusively in NY on Friday.

Did you know about the US Air Guitar Championships?  Did you know that somebody documented it?  I’ve got to see Air Guitar Nation if only for the samurai with the Hello Kitty breastplate.  Once again, the film opens exclusively in New York on Friday.

In his latest project John Malkovich leads a mostly no-name cast in this true tale of a man who pretended to be Stanley Kubrick during the shooting of the director’s last film Eyes Wide ShutColor Me Kubrick opens in limited release on Friday.

Guy Pearce stars as a man whose life begins to go into downhill fast after an ominous reading from a fortune teller.  William Fitchner, J.K. Simmons, and the lovely Piper Perabo also star.  The film opens in limited release, in only New York and Los Angeles, on Friday.

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  • Joe Locke

    Thank god the Dial-a-Rating goes to eleven; for i just watched the Air Guitar Nation trailer and ten would not have done.  Eleven.  Exactly.  One Louder.

  • elkciN

    I’ve had high hopes for TMNT, I was a TMNT worshipper as a child, and the new cartoons suck. I hope you’re not teasing me.

  • Your Good Twin

    Wait seriously?  The TMNT movie is… good?  But the trailer looked like rotting ass.  Well, I should clarify it LOOKED good, but the dialog and story sounded terrible.  Especially the EXTREMELY kiddie and EXTREMELY worn-out jokes tossed around.

    I’m with elkciN, I was a huge TMNT kid (been playing the arcade game on 360 and just got the first two volumes of the show from Amazon today), so don’t be playing with my emotions.

  • Thundarr (Alan Rapp)

    You’ll have to wait for the full review until Friday, but to answer you question “How good was TMNT?” in four words – Far Beyond My Expectations.

    And, thankfully, the obnoxious humor is kept almost completely to Michelangelo, while the others return more the the characters from the original comic.  In fact almost all the dumb jokes are shown in the trailer, probably to get fans of the tv show to show up.

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