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What’s better than a trailertastic load o’ links dropped hot for you on a Tuesday?  Well, probably at least a couple of things, but it’s not like you’re paying for this.  HiDef links below, and embed in the extended.

Sandra Bullock sees dead people (and not just her own career!).  Sandy plays a widow who bounces forward and backward in time after her hubby becomes a large splat on the highway in Premonition.  Can she change the future (past?), and, with what she learns after his death, does she really want to?  Does anyone care?

Not creepy enough?  You could try Dead Silence where a young widower (Ryan Kwansten) returns home to investigate the murder or his wife and discovers evil ventriloquist dolls!  Wow, that sounds scaaaary!

Not serial killer enough for you?  Well how about a mockumentary of the next psycho slasher readying himelf to bring terror and death to the town of Glen Echo in Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

What’s scarier than everything above?  How about a documentary on the terror of “reality” TV?  American Cannibal: The Road to Reality follows a Survivor inspired “reality” TV show that slowly destroyed all involved.

Still not scary enough for you?  Then how about a film directed by Chris Rock (anybody else remember Head of State)?  In his latest Rock plays a guy married to great woman (Gina Torres) who meets a younger babe (Kerry Washington) and does the usual movie guy thing in I Think I Love My Wife.  Whatever happened to Rock’s trademark edge; he’s not exactly redefining the genre here.

If Rock’s not your comic cup of tea, why not give Tortilla Heaven a shot.  The indie flick centers around events of a New Mexico restaurant after a tortilla with the face of Jesus Christ “miracuously” appears.

Prefer a British slant to your comedy?  A wacky London coffee shop is the setting for the UK import Caffeine.  Looks kinda like Waiting… with British accents.

Still not enough for you, (man are you greedy today!), well how about two more foreign flicks, Nomad and The Wind That Shakes the Barley, both trailers available with the all the above in the extended in our Trailer House Embed Theatre.  Enjoy! 

In Premonition Sandra Bullock begins to move forward and backward in time after the death of her husband (Julian McMahon) and realizes she may be able to change history and save his life.  Nia Long and Amber Valetta also star.  I predict the film will hit wide release this Friday.

Just what we needed, another horror flick.  But this one has ventriloquist dummies!  Joy.  From the creators of Saw here’s the trailer for Dead Silence.  It creeps its way into wide release on Friday.

A mockumentary about a serial killer?  In Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon a group of students document a psychopath’s (Nathan Baesel) desire to become a serial killer.  It opens in limited release on Friday.

Chris Rock’s fidelity is tested when his eye begins to stray from his wife (Gina Torres) to a young hottie (Kelly Washington) in I Think I Love My Wife.  Rock also directs this one.  In a wide release, the film hits theaters on Friday.

A restaurant, Tortilla Heaven, in a small New Mexico town is turned upside down when a tortilla with the face of Jesus Christ appears.  George Lopez, Jose Zuniga, Miguel Sandoval, and Lupe Ontiveros star.  The film opens in limited release on Friday.

Two out of work writers were given the chance to create a brutal “reality” TV program.  American Cannibal: The Road to Reality uses the documentary footage of the project to tell a story of a train wreck production and the cost of greed and the “reality” TV style on those involved.  The documentary opens in limited release this Friday.

A workplace comedy that takes place in a quirky London coffee shop, Caffeine follows cafe workers deal with their relationships and customers.  Hmm, sounds a little like 2005’s Waiting… (read that review).  Mena Suvari, Brecki Meyer, and Katherine Heigl star.  The film opens in limited release on Friday.

In this foreign import two brothers find themselves on opposites sides of Ireland’s bid for independence in the early 20th centruy.  Cillian Murphy, Padaric Delaney, Liam Cunningham, and Gerard Kearney star.  The Wind That Shakes the Barley opens in limited release on Friday.

This import from Kazakhstan focuses on a young man destined to unite the warring tribes during the 18th Century.  His name was Borat (just kidding!).  Nomad, presented in Kazakh with English subtitles, opens in limited release on Friday.

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