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What’s better than a trailertastic load o’ links dropped hot for you on a Tuesday?  Well, probably at least a couple of things, but it’s not like you’re paying for this.  HiDef links below, and embed in the extended.

Let’s start out with the big one – 300.  Based off the graphic novel by Frank Miller the film recreates the Battle of Thermopylae where 300 Spartan warriors stood against the entire Persian army.

War not brutal enough for you?  Well how about the South Korean horror flick?  In The Host (Gwoemul) a creature, a secret U.S. military project gone wrong, crawls of the lake and begins to eat people.

Is that not scary enough for you?  Maxed Out is a new documentary that takes a serious look at America’s love of credit and debt lifestyle.  Now that could get scary!

Too scary for you?  Jeffrey Donovan stars as a coach of a girl’s basketball team in Believe in Me; if the trailer looks familiar it’s because the film’s release date has been pushed back again, and again, and again – usually not a good sign.

Too smaltzy for you?  An English teacher and a Roman Catholic Priest deal with the horrors of genoicde in Beyond the Gates, based off real experiences.  Sounds like a great first date film.

In the mood for foriegn cinema (but Korean horror flicks not your cup of tea)?  The Namesake follows the son of Indian immigrants as he tries to balance New York life with his family’s traditions.

Still not enough for you, (man are you greedy today!), well how about two more indie flicks, The Ultimate Gift and Exterminating Angels, both trailers available with the all the above in the extended in our Trailer House Embed Theatre.  Enjoy! 

Director Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead) brings Frank Miller’s epic graphic novel to life.  With a strong story and brillant visuals could this be another comic book adaption success like Sin City?  Or are we looking at another mediocre Greco-Roman action flick like Troy300 opens in theatres and IMAX on Friday, and make sure you check back for our review!

Believe in Me gives us girl’s basketball, nubile young actresses, Jeffrey Donovan and Samantha Mathis.  C’mon, what more do you need.  Oh, maybe a lot more… The film opens in limited release (yeah, most of you will still have to wait) on Friday.

A film about genocide.  Okay.  Check out the trailer for Beyond the Gates starring John Hurt and Hugh Dancy as bystanders in Rwanda when all hell breaks loose.  Based on real accounts.  The film opens in limited release on Friday.

A foriegn horror flick presented with subtitles and with a strong anti-American sentiment?  Well The Host should do gangbusters at the box office.  It opens in limited release on Friday.

Afraid of the increasing debt of both the country and yourself?  Maybe you should be.  Take a gander at the trailer for Maxed Out: Hard Times, Easy Credit and the Era of Predatory Lenders.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, a wealthy relative dies leaving all his fortune to a sole heir (Drew Fuller), but to get the dough he must jump through a series of hoops.  Well if you liked Brewster’s Millions and The Bachelor maybe you should give The Ultimate Gift a shot.  It opens wide on Friday.

In this French film a director holds auditions for a discovery into female pleasure.  Female pleasure?  Sex?  A cast of beautiful French women?  Ooh La La!  Who says the French are all bad?  Exterminating Angels (Les Anges exterminateurs) is Unrated (meaning it will never show up at your mega-plex) and opens exclusively in New York City on Wednesday.

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