The Wyoming Incident

by alphamonkey on March 26, 2007 · 4 comments

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Whilst looking around for more information regarding the Max Headroom Pirating Incident (see last post), I kept finding references to ‘The Wyoming Incident’, which was supposedly a bit of signal jacking that occurred in rural Wyoming.  All together there seems to be around 7 or so clips related to this little nugget of weirdness (most of which you can find by hitting this link), but eventually I found that it was nothing more than a Something Awful hoax perpetrated by forum goons. 

Pretty creepy stuff nonetheless, and it did get me to play with a tone generator at 19hz, which does kinda make you feel funky after a bit.

All in all, some pretty good finds for having started on this trail over an offhand conversational reference to Pump Up the Volume

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  • elkciN

    Yes, pump of the colume was the best movie Christian Slater ever made. If you don’t count Gleaming the Cube.

  • elkciN

    Ok, that was horrible. replace ‘of’ with ‘up’ and…you know what? You’ll figure it out.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I believe ‘Pump of the Volume’ was the, ahem, Japanese adult version.

  • Fake Name

    This is fake, it was done to be part of an Alternate Reality Game, but the people running the game started to lose interest and eventually revealed it was all fake on the Something Awful forums. A little research while the game was still going on revealed several posts on a forum called “The Happy Cube Forums” which was supposed to be related to a bunch of serial killers who were supposed to have a convention. There was a whole lot of other stuff, and it was definatley interesting, but sadly they lost steam and shut the game down.

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