An Air Car?  Thundarr WANT!!!!

by alphamonkey on April 6, 2007 · 0 comments

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How much does it cost to top off your tank?  How would you like to spend only $3 instead?  The future is here folks, and the future is air?  You can run a car on compressed air?  Yep.  MDI (Moteur Development International) has partnered with India’s largest automotive manufacturer (Tata) and is set to begin production of the first ever air car – the MiniC.A.T. which is able to reach a top speed of 68 mph and travel distances of upwards of 180 miles without refueling.  And owners will only have to change their oil every 30,000 miles!  The car is set-up for maximum electronics and toys including wireless Internet access, GPS, voice recognition, and more.  And you can throw away your keys – this baby runs on a card you can keep in your wallet!  Yeah, but I bet it’s real pricey, right?  Well, how does a little less than $11,000 sound?  For more check out this detailed article on Gizmag and the official Press Release from Tata Motors about their work with MDI.

Thundarr want!!!!!

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