Classical Muslim Eroticism – The Mujra

by alphamonkey on April 17, 2007 · 5 comments

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Well, there’s three words you probably never thought to see together, eh? Writer Ali Eteraz has an informative write-up on this clip, which illustrates an example of a Mujra as danced by Meena Naz.  SFW, and gorgeous as hell to watch. 

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  • Hatice

    Classical muslim eroticism? lol this is absurd coz of this woman is an indian, this is an indian dance smile

  • Hatice

    ..and can we say about this video that it’s classical christian eroticism??

    plz respect for different beliefs!..

  • .alphamonkey.

    You might read the referenced post in the clip, as it’s specific regarding the muslim origins of part of the dance.  Hence my write-up.

    I just reports ‘em, folks.

  • elkciN

    Wikipedia on the Mujra

    You can also click the word in the article.

  • elkciN

    AH! You sneaky bastard.

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