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I know what you’re thinking: what am I going to do this weekend?  I mean, I guess the weather is super duper out there, but you haven’t been outside since you had to walk to your car to drive to 300.  You could file your Taxes too, but you’ll probably just end up singing ‘Taxman’ by the Beatles to yourself until your neighbors yell at you to shut up.  No friend, you may not have anything to do this weekend, but we here at Transbuddha are here to make sure you have yourself both a hoot, in addition to a holler at the end of the week, and thereby have recommended you hold: A Matt Damon party.  Yes, Matt Damon.  He’s a total cutie patootie, and with his newest film out this week (in addition to the recently released to DVD of Oscar’s Best Picture of 2006, The Departed,) what better time is there to indulge in the fineness of Damon?

Bobby: Though I didn’t go so far as to place it in my Best Of 2006 like Thundarr did, Bobby is a well-put together film catering around what must have been at least a dozen fleshed out characters backed up by strong performances.  It’s a brief look at several lives the day of RFK’s murder that leaves the viewer feeling as though they learned something about the air of affairs in 1968.  Again, I didn’t hold the film in as high of reguards as Thundarr (whose full review is here,) but it’s still a solid, enjoyable film.

The Good Shepherd: Robert De Niro‘s latest was easily forgotten last year in the middle of the Oscar shuffle that it was trying to penetrate, and that’s too bad.  This is an epic of tiny proportions that spans a life loosely based off of James Jesus Angleton‘s, one of the most famous figures in the CIA’s History.  It’s not a masterpeice, but it is a smart film that’s well assembled, with thanks to Matt Damon for playing a introverted man who’s trapped from making any decisions for himself for all of his life.  At 160 minutes, it may have been a doozie, but it never felt too long; and a film that will be better treated by history than by today’s critics.  I liked it more than Thundarr (read his lukewarm review), who preferred this year’s Breach.  One worth renting.

Tom Goes to the Mayor: The Complete Series: The second generation of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network has been an often dreary one (Squidbillies?  Really?  I mean . . . really?) One of the few bright spots has been Tom Goes To The Mayor, a show dominated by its oddball quirks.  Tom’s the only man in town with any drop of sense, and tries to save the rest of the city of Jefferton from doing something completely bat-shit stupid.  Each 11-minute episode is full of photoshopped oddities, and not for everyone; but this odd gem is one worth checking out if eccentricity is your bag.

Don’t go yet, there’s a lot of other stuff coming out today too!  Black X-Mas tries to turn the most wonderful time of the year into a slasher, while only being greeted by a massive collective yawn from the public last year.  Charlotte’s Web has a cute little piggy, and the voice of Oprah – but Thundarr liked it anyway!  Death Of A President raised some eyebrows last year, being a faux-documentary covering the events that might happen following an assasanation of George W. Bush.  Have your cherry pie, and eat it too with the release of Twin Peaks: Season Two.  And finally, I never got around to seeing it, but Thundarr seemed to like the flick that Penelope Cruz got nom’d for last year, Volver.

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