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What better topic for Humpday morn than s-e-x?  The New York Times Health & Science sections ran two excellent articles on the physiology of desire and sexual attraction.  Interesting in and of themselves, but I was most struck by the NYT so matter of factly stating that sexual preference is a hardware issue, not a software one.  Nice.

Moving on, Google is using Google Earth to highlight the ongoing Darfur atrocities.  Good for them.  You can download Google Earth and the Crisis in Darfur layers here.

In less horrific and awful (but still sad) news, Johnny & June Carter Cash’s lakeside home was destroyed by fire yesterday.  Strangely enough, the home was being worked on by new owner Barry Gibb (yes, that Barry Gibb).  My guess is one of the workers (a highly flammable wood preservative was being applied to the interior and exterior) said ’Ain’t no gawdamn Bee Gee gonna live in Johnny’s house!’ and got a little ‘careless’ with a lit cigarette. 

The New Yorker has an amazing profile on Paul Wolfowitz and his tenure so far as president of the World Bank.  It’s astounding that Wolfowitz (who by all rights was one of the principal architects of the Iraq war) has avoided the scrutiny of his peers while holding such a powerful position.  Excellent reporting and an interesting read.

And finally (returning to our love and sex theme), if you haven’t picked up Jonathan Lethem’s new book, ”You Don’t Love Me Yet“, you’re missing out on a great read about relationships, ennui riddled kangaroos, and the ups and downs of rock n’ roll.  Lethem has yet to write a book that wasn’t worth reading, and this one is no exception.

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