by alphamonkey on April 30, 2007 · 1 comment

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Let’s face it, true believers:  I’m just so stupid crazy for Spider-Man.  That said, my deep seated resentment for Alan over at RazorFine getting to see Spider-Man 3 before me knows no bounds.  However, I shall let that pass (until I read his review) and just lay down some sweet, sweet Supaidâ-Man love.  Oh yah, if you thought the American Spider-Man show was insane, you need to check out the stats on how my favorite web-slinger was treated by the Land of the Rising Sun.

So enjoy this wonderful intro to the Japanese Spider-Man show from the 70’s, and rest assured my monkey butt will be firmly planted in a theater seat on Friday. 

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    the optimus prime type character at the end, it makes the circle complete.

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