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by alphamonkey on April 3, 2007 · 0 comments

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What’s better than a trailertastic load o’ links dropped hot for you on a Tuesday?  Well, probably at least a couple of things, but it’s not like you’re paying for this.  HiDef links below.

What’s Firehouse Dog you ask?  It’s a movie about a lost dog who becomes the mascot of a rundown firehouse and with the help of a kid puts everything right again.  It took three screenwriters to come up with this script?  I dunno ‘bout this one, but hey it’s got Nowhere Man himself Bruce Greenwood!  It opens wide on Wednesday.

When I mentioned Are We Done Yet? way back in our Winter/Spring Preview I was met with shock and dismay by one loyal ‘buddha viewer who thought I snuck it in as a joke.  Sadly this sequel is real and it also opens wide on Wednesday.

In The Reaping Hilary Swank plays a debunker of religious phenomena who comes across a town infected with Biblical-sized plagues caused by that cute spunky kid from Bridge to Terabithia who is the son, er…daughter of Satan, or some such nonsense.  It opens Thursday, and we’ll have the review!

Oh, and there’s this other little flick too.  Robert Rodriguez and Quention Tarantino team-up to give us the much anticipated double-bill of “Death Proof” and “Planet Terror” together with some brutal trailers for around 200 minutes of gore, grind, and gruesome action in Grindhouse.  It opens wide on Friday and we’ll have the review!

Opening in limited release on Friday is The Hoax based on the true account of Clifford Irving’s famous fake biography of Howard Hughes.  We’ve seen it, and we’ll have the review for you!

And if you’re in New York or Los Angeles you can also check out a pair of films including The TV Set with David Duchovny as a writer trying to protect his work from TV execs.  It opens on Friday.  And director Paul Verhoeven’s latest Black Book stars Carice van Houten as a Jewish singer in hiding in Holland who joins the resistance against the Nazis during WWII after her family is killed.  It opens on Wednesday.

All for now!  Get clickin’

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