The Trap

by alphamonkey on April 11, 2007 · 1 comment

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Adam Curtis (who directed the excellent ’Power of Nightmares‘ documentary) recently had his 3 part series, The Trap, air on BBC Two.  This series explores the modern concept of freedom, and how it’s evolved over our tumultuous existence. 

Why the hell can’t we get television this good in the US?

Parts 2 and 3 are in the extended. 

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  • Pizza Monster

    Whoa! That’s as disturbing as it is well made.

    Why the hell can’t we get television this good in the US?

    I know this was not meant to be ironic (at least I think it was not) but again it’s the numbers game. Most American Sheeple do not like being made to think. It hurts they little heads. Our television black hole, the Creep Show Administration, and a host of other problems are symptoms of that.

    The Rolling Stone piece on E. Howard Hunt, linked recently on TB, was a good lead in to this. The cold war was fought by some really clueless people. One of the quickest ways to go straight to hell is to assume the monstrously cowardly conceit that the ends justify the means.

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