Worst Mario EVER

by alphamonkey on April 24, 2007 · 4 comments

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Ever wonder what Super Mario Bros. would have been like if it’d been designed by the sadistic bastards responsible for the NES Teenage Mutant Turtles game?  Me neither, but apparently this guy found out. 

NSFW audio (which is a given when you’re getting your ass handed to you by a frustrating game), but my favorite part is when he says ‘This sucks more than Panic! at the Disco’.  Many thanks to YesButNoButYes for the heads-up.

Parts 2 & 3 in the extended. 

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  • Chaud

    This guys commentary is hilarious, I love how he gets so pissed yet he doesn’t lose his hilarity. Everyone can relate to mario. He is the modern day Job…or was…Well, he’s like Job but slightly more modern. Job was probably playing commador or atari or something.

  • http://www.quietrebellion.com Poet

    The original version of this was silent (just the game noise) and I’ve got to say, I prefer that. The comentary isn’t that funny to me.

  • Boss Robot

    If Christopher Walken played video games. ahhhh! Hilarious!

  • musicgirl416

    Hilarious. My favorite part is when he goes, very calmly, “I hate everything that has ever existed. Everything.”

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