Animated Calvin & Hobbes!

by alphamonkey on May 18, 2007 · 12 comments

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Here’s something I thought I would never, ever see: an animated Calvin & Hobbes short.  Bill Watterson has held firm to his statements that he’d never animate everyone’s favorite primary school terror and the tiger who loves him, so this clip comes from an Italian animation school graduate who made the short as his final project.

I’m curious how long this will stay online, but maybe Watterson will see the value and honest admiration of his work and keep it live. 

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  • elkciN

    Well done. One of my favorite comic strips. If not THE favorite. In fact, the first thing I can remember drawing in my life was Calvin. Look at me now! Thanks Bill.

  • aezell

    How do you grade an animation student who rips off someone else’s work? Granted, he seems to have captured the spirit of the original strip. Shouldn’t the final project of someone who has been studying animation for several years be more of their own ideas?

  • .alphamonkey.

    I see your point, but I think that’s actually a very good exercise for an animator, as opposed to a designer. Most animators go years before they can produce their own work, so being able to perfectly capture another artist’s style (especially one who has never had their work animated) is a great display of skill.

  • aezell

    Thanks for the perspective. Not being an animator or having been an art student, I admittedly don’t really know what’s a good judge of skill or not.

  • BADD

    As an artist who almost never *gets* to create his own ideas, I have to say here that AM, is right about the norm.

    You can work years doing others stuff for them, and still not have your own concepts taken seriously.  Creative businesses are a strange breed.  A lot of ego and back biting I find.

  • KGsharkk

    This is what happened some time before 4:30 PM: The Calvin and Hobbes animation has been TAKEN OFF YOUTUBE!

    Great job, Copyright Enforcement Agency. I hope that if I ever make a beautiful piece like this, which in no way harms or demeans the original artist work, you rip it from the pubic’s eye also. (Although I did realize that this would inevitably happen)

  • BADD

    Actually, this isn’t the CEA.  Bill Watterson is known to aggressively hunt down and stop any usage of Calvin and Hobbes.  Even when it is something as simple as this.

    I would even go as far to say a few people probably turned this animation in because they are big Watterson fans.

    I believe in fighting to protect your intellectual property as much as the next guy, but for gods sake a little homage to your work done as respectfully as that deserves a little leniency.

    The saddest situation I think is possible is that this poor guy probably sent Watterson a letter asking for permission to show his animation.  If that is what happened, then Watterson probably said no, and the guy had to take it down himself.

  • chiatar

    if this is aggressive copyright hunting, why is calvin still peeing on everything?!

  • aezell

    My thoughts exactly. So, let’s see, he hunts down what is an admirable homage, but I still see rednecks with stickers of Calvin peeing on the Ford logo on every truck in town. Maybe Watterson actually licensed that snake

  • .alphamonkey.

    Watterson goes after the sticker shops that produce those images especially hard (since it is such a perversion of his work), but it costs next to nothing to produce those stickers, so it’s nearly impossible to tamp down completely.

  • BADD

    As a former employee of a store that sold those abominations, AM is once again right on the mark.

    There are so many independent mom and pop sign and graphics shops out there, it would be impossible for Watterson to stop them all, plus not to mention the people who sell them until they get the cease and desist and walk away with their cash.

    Unfortunately it seems that dealing with all that crap has embittered Watterson to licensing Calvin and Hobbes at all.  It is a shame, but again, I can’t blame him, seeing first hand how someone can pervert your work and make a ton of money.

  • elkciN

    Has anyone stopped to consider that maybe Bill Watterson just hates Chevy’s?


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