Another World

by alphamonkey on May 3, 2007 · 3 comments

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Another WorldYet again I’m breaking my ‘no download games’ post rule just so I can share with you, my dear internet pals, one of my favorite PC games of all time: Another World (or Out of This World, as it was known in the States).  Lead artist/developer Eric Chahi has ported the 15 year old classic for Windows XP, which you can download a demo of here.

I loved this game for it’s beautiful design (and then-jawdropping cinematics) and the simple gameplay that belied an incredibly complex game.  If you’re a total nerd (like say me) you might enjoy reading the development history of the game, which delves into both the creative impetus as well as the technical limitations Chahi faced.

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  • ravingmaniac

    Gotta get some emulators Alphamonkey, and a game pad from W-mart. I’ve this [another weirld] on sega genisis rom. I use a gens plus emulator. The GBA is great… have bout 750 games for that.

  • ravingmaniac

    Hey..  I cant do anything. That beast stalking me kills me right away.

  • jere

    good game

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