Bruce, The Wolf, and Busy Bees.

by alphamonkey on May 16, 2007 · 2 comments

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My apologies, folks, but we’ll be taking a short day today while I get up to speed on some pressing projects.  We’ll return after noon or so, but in the meantime enjoy this musical interlude courtesy of The Chin himself, Bruce Campbell.

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  • elkciN

    For some reason my mind skipped over this one.

    That’s extra classy. Bravo, Old Spice. If it weren’t for a Body Spray (seriously, does cologne really take that long?) this run of ads would be the best ever. For the love of my sanity, and olfactory receptors, I hope this body spray craze dies down. Every time I try to use the bathroom after one of my roomates gets prepared for work, I am assulted by the vile stench of half a bottle of Axe. Jesus, you smell like a 12 year old on his first date, guy, tone it down.

  • BADD

    The CHIN!!  THE CHIN!!!!!!!!

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