Crazy About the Joker

by alphamonkey on May 21, 2007 · 0 comments

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The net is awash today with the supposedly authentic pic of Heath Ledger in full Joker make-up (scroll to the bottom if you’d like to skip AICN’s trademark wankery), and with good reason.  The more I hear about The Dark Knight , the more I wish we were heading into Summer 2008 instead of the lackluster Summer 07 that’s gearing up.

So to tweak out my own Batmania, let’s take a look back at some sweet, sweet Batman posts from days gone by.

First up, Sandy Collora’s rather Alex Ross like homages to the iconic Batman via his shorts Dead End and World’s Finest.  The first is just a weird short film that was meant to show off what the former Stan Winston protege could do, while the second is a pseudo trailer seemingly designed to make comic book nerds such as myself wet themselves with glee over the idea of a Supes/Bat film that actually got things right for once.  (In your face, retconning!)

Slavering fanboy devotion to canon not your thing?  How about wildly insane multicultural knock-offs?  Take a gander at the Filipino version of Batman & Robin.

Batman has the toys, the cape, and gets all the chicks.  So what about Robin?  The Red Headed League got Sam Rockwell and Justin Long to give us a peek at Robin’s Big Date.

There’s a lot to love from the camp-fest that was the Batman & Robin TV show, but nothing is more glorious than their imaginative use of Onomatopoeia.

Pick your poison:  The Prince video for Batdance, or a bizarre Mall Video Kiosk fan version.

Expanding the scope a little lets me include this funny toy-fueled take on the Justice League America.

And last (and probably least) there’s always the Special Batman

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