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Okay, so not really a game post per-se, but I’ve been spending some time with the excellent Elebits game for the Wii, and I have to say it’s a fine fill in while I wait for November’s release of the Wii Katamari game.  Put simply, it’s an extended game of hide n’ seek, with a fair amount of destruction thrown in as you manipulate objects in your environment to reveal tiny little electric critters named (duh) Elebits.

While I’d dearly love to send you to a flash game that mimic’d the gameplay*, I’ll settle for the game’s quite entertaining opening movie.  Most opening films I skip past like a young man fast forwarding through Skinemax, but I watch this one each and every time I play the game.  The only other game I can say that for would be (of course) Katamari Damacy.

*Or not.  I don’t think I’d get any posts done for a week if I had a Flash version to play.  Also, I totally ripped this post off from myself, as I posted a version of it on LazydayGamer last night.

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