Forget the Film, Watch the Titles

by alphamonkey on May 11, 2007 · 0 comments

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Our good pal Andy from the AV Club Blog hipped us to this sweet SubmarineChannel mini-site that showcases original and innovative title sequences: Forget the Film, Watch the Titles.  Now I’ll admit that I’m of two minds on this.  On one hand, there’s no denying that an exceptionally well made title sequence can go a long way towards prepping the audience’s mind for a film while allowing the credits to roll without interrupting the narrative of the film itself.  But like any medium, most often title sequences are universally mediocre and just piss me off. 

For instance, when revisiting the first Spider-Man movie the other day, I was struck by just how useless and bland the title sequence really was, and I found myself wishing they’d just have overlaid the credits onto the film, allowing for more actual story and background.  Of course, those titles also reminded me why I can’t stand Danny Elfman’s score work (seriously, he has the easiest gig in Hollywood.  It’s like he has this macro that spits out indistinguishable bits of over chorused score filled with hyper active violinists), but mostly they just made me bored.

Ranting aside, however, I will say that FTFWTT does indeed showcase some of the best examples of title screen work, even if they foolishly included the technically adept title sequence to Hostage (which would have been much more at home in a super-hero film).  I was sad, however, that the amazing (and truly beautiful) title sequence to Stranger Than Fiction was left out.

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