Great Green Gadgets

by alphamonkey on May 3, 2007 · 0 comments

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I, for one, am glad that the organic/green movement is gaining some real traction in the mainstream if for no other reason than it’s driving the consumer cost way down.  The number one complaint I hear against going green/organic is the (admittedly) high cost of switching over to those products.  Of course, the more people who make the switch the faster those costs will come down proportionally.

The other reason I like the movement growth is that finding cool little green products is so much easier now.  Check out Great Green Gadgets, a blog that showcases and discusses green tech, as well as exploring the green issues in the news. 

I so need this solar powered lawn-mowing robot if for no other reason than to adequately train my girls to fight against our eventual robot oppressors. 

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