Hot Bot on Bot Action

by alphamonkey on May 30, 2007 · 0 comments

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Anyone who has spent even a marginal degree of time with instant messenger programs has probably encountered a chatbot (along with sex scammers possessing dubious language skills), but what happens when the two best chatbots in the world find each other?  Is it love? Hate? A digital My Dinner with Andre?

Discover Magazine arranged a meeting between Richard Wallace’s ALICE and Rollo Carpenter’s Jabberwacky to see what would go down.  It’s a really fascinating read, as both bots rely on the semblance of intelligence to fool humans into assuming true intelligence (neither possesses anything other than short-term memory), and that skill is wasted on another machine.  Interestingly enough, Jabberwacky seems to nail the truth of the matter first.

Now if they could only figure out a way to include Bloodninja in the conversation….

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