Midnight Madness with Spank Rock’s ‘Sweet Talk’

by alphamonkey on May 26, 2007 · 2 comments

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Well, it’s Saturday night so one would assume that interested parties would already be out making their sweet talk, but for those of us who’ve left those days behind here’s a great stock-footage filled fan video for Spank Rock’s ’Sweet Talk‘.  NSFW lyrics (but hey, it’s Saturday), but mostly harmless visuals except for a particularly graphic scene taking from a childbirth instructional film about 2/3rds in.

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  • nklpht900

    thanks for the warning about the birth clip. just a heads up for anyone reading this, the clip is somewhere around the 3 minute and 30 second mark.

    dug the tune, dug the visuals. nothing quite says Memorial Day weekend like getting someone preggors.

  • http://healingmindn.com HealingMindN

    That was a hell of an edit job.  Now, if only Ed Wood did that with stock footage!  I’ve seen a number of birthing videos, but that was particularly explosive.  I have never seen an instructional video where they put an expectant mother on the back seat of a car – until now.  And why did the woman standing outside seem so shocked?  Not a typical 1950’s – 60’s moment?

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