Spying on the Homefront

by alphamonkey on May 18, 2007 · 1 comment

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PBS has made the excellent Frontline program ’Spying on the Home Front‘ available to view online in its entirety, and I heartily recommend taking the time to give it a watch.  It’s split up into five 12 minute segments, each dealing with aspect of the US governments intelligence and surveillance programs that have been turned on American citizens since 9/11. 

In addition to being an excellent primer on the lengths this administration is willing to go in pursuit of victory in an open ended war on terrorism, Spying on the Home Front exposes the lie behind repeated assurances that these massive data mining operations are targeted only at suspected terrorists, and shows how often (and how pervasively) American citizens are being caught up in these programs.

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    The fact is, this probably isn’t even the scariest part. There will come a time when someone hacks into this network and steals millions of people’s identities. Even with all the security measures in place, there will assuredly be one person, or group of people, deterrmined enough to break through. After that happens, I can only imagine.

    //I did not watch every video, so if I am being redundant please do not be angry.

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