The History of Spam

by alphamonkey on May 3, 2007 · 0 comments

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While in a perfect world today would be a national holiday (James Brown’s birthday, baby!) , in truth it’s a much more nefarious anniversary: On May 3rd, 1978 the very first spam message was sent out over the Arpanet by a DEC marketing hack who should be the immortalized as the first PR hack to send a ‘OMG this is so cool’ message.

If you’d care to, you can read the contents of the very first spam message (a typically stupid press release) here at old skool Arpanet guy Brad Templeton’s site, but the real reason you should hit that link is for the reactions of the various people who received the spam.

Brad Templeton’s site also has an excellent ’History of Spam‘ article, as well as any number of interesting essays on the topic.

Edict numero dos when I’m crowned King Awesome of the Internet will be death to spammers (and domain name squatters) in the form of millions of paper cuts from printed out junk stock and scam e-mails.

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