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by alphamonkey on May 5, 2007 · 0 comments

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It’s Cinco de Mayo, folks, and America celebrates this holiday just as it does any other holiday associated with another nationality: By getting blind, stinking drunk and making asses out of themselves in restaurants run by the nationality in question.

Oddly enough, this makes it a fitting tribute to today’s other reason for celebrating: Tammy Wynette’s birthday!

In unrelated news, here’s a few things I’ve been thinking about today:

  • Did the first person to get an ice cream headache think they were going to die?  I bet they did.
  • The individual responsible for the Root Beer Float deserves the Nobel Prize for Awesome.
  • In a perfect world, Topher Grace would have been cast as Peter Parker, and Gwen Stacy would have died in the first Spider-Man film. Also, Venom would never see the big screen, unless they made a Secret Wars movie first.
  • Just 2 days shy of 3 years later, Osakaphone is still sheer brilliance.
  • One hundred cool points for anyone who can identify what comic I took that panel from (and no ‘Spider-Man’ does not constitute an answer.  Title and issue number, baby! Prove your nerdness!)

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