World Without Oil

by alphamonkey on May 18, 2007 · 0 comments

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World Without Oil is an alternate reality game designed by writer Ken Eklund and Jane McGonigal (McGonigal was a designer and community lead for the ‘I love Bees’ ARG viral for Halo 2, as well as ‘being’ Dana the webmaster) and funded by the Independent Television Service as a means to explore the consequences of reaching peak oil limit, as well as sparking debate and conversation on how we can live without oil.

WWO launched on April 30th and so far has attracted a sizable and dedicated audience (no surprise there, as the sheer amount of content on the WWO site is staggering).  In this world, gas has reached prices as high as 6 dollars a gallon (which considering current prices and the projections for this summer don’t seem so far fetched) the economy is tanking and chaos is slowly creeping its way into every corner of US life. 

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