Aaaagh, they’re in my clothes!

by alphamonkey on June 7, 2007 · 2 comments

in Commercials,Uncategorized

l Did you know that your clothes may contain little dancing freaks which give off smells when you make the slightest move?  Yea, I didn’t either, but now I’m a bit freaked out by the thought. 

I don’t know why anyone would willingly use a product that coated them in line dancing fabric freaks, but I don’t know why people drink Mountain Dew either…

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  • Your Good Twin

    Mountain Dew?  Oh.. you mean Wake-up Juice.  That’s what we call it ‘round the office.  I miss Surge.

  • elkciN

    Water is delicious. Damn you people and your caffeinated beverages!

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