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If, like me, you have a not-so-secret jones for destructo-pr0n, you might send some eyeball action to Consumer Reports’ fairly comprehensive database of crash testing videos.  I’m always fascinated to see how engineering holds up to impact testing, and too much of these clips tend to make me want to so not get on the road. 

Interestingly enough, the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a comprehensive database of their own testing results that is available for public access, and the site is chock full of safety information. 

I recall hearing a report earlier this year that the NHTSA’s crash testing doesn’t simulate SUV/Truck impact on smaller cars (crash tests involve either like-to-like impacts or stationary object impacts), which seems a bit strange to me.  I wish I could find the news report.  Would any of you fine readers be in a position to prove/disprove that?

And finally, is anyone else as dumbfounded as me that The Incredible Crash Test Dummies somehow managed to parlay a PSA campaign into some bizarre semblance of cultural relevance?  Man, that Super Nintendo game sucked.  Personally, I would have much preferred a game based on Rachael Leigh Cook’s ’this is your brain on drugs‘ ad. 

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