Geek Metal!

by Nickle on June 25, 2007 · 4 comments

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Leave it to a bunch of geeks to turn Nikola Tesla’s most awe-inspiring device into an engine of rock.  Behold the Solid State Musical Telsa Coil!

This clip details how the Musical Tesla Coil actually works (warning: super detailed nerdgasms inside), if you’ve got a hankering for some sweet, sweet science lessons, and you can click here for a collection of all their videos.

How hard does it rock?  Well, let’s just say that there’s a beautiful symmetry in using a Tesla Coil to perform John Carpenter’s theme from Escape from New York.

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  • elkciN

    It’s just more proof that Tesla could’ve kicked Edison’s ass any day of the week.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I think the only answer is to hold a Guitar Hero Seance.  My money is on Tesla.

  • elkciN

    My magic 8-ball says “Signs point to ‘yes’.”

    Musical puns are fantastic.

  • LupineFresh

    Tesla’s fondness for Eugenics creeps me out a little, but other than that, amazing guy.

    However, I must say that out of all the videos there I much preferred the Beetlejuice theme.

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