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by alphamonkey on June 15, 2007 · 18 comments

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Just like you can’t possibly love the Rolling Stones and the Beatles equally (favor must ebb and flow like the tides), you can’t love John Lennon and Paul McCartney equally.  Lines must be drawn, and sides must be taken with no quarter asked nor given.  It’s rebel/artsy cool vs. craftsmanship and style, personal torment vs. universal appeal.

You know as much I as respect and admire Lennon’s songwriting and passion, at the end of the day, I’ll always be a Paul.

So let’s hear it, folks:  John or Paul?  (We’ll save the Keith/Mick for another day)

No, there’s no point to this.  I’ve just had the White Album running the background for awhile.

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  • http://www.axisofstevil.com chiatar


    then Harrison

    then Star

    then Brian Epstein

    then McCartney.

    Mostly cause the real paul died in a car accident wink

  • BADD

    Though I have always found Paul’s song writing to be the best, I have a space in my heart that can only be filled with the rancorous wit and biting lyrics that is Lennon.


    I also have a secret love for the few songs George had written and sung.  His voice was never as sweet, but his songs were usually a treat to listen to.

  • Chaud

    Awesome input Badd, and to continue with that I’de have to place Harrison at the top of my list because of his meanfull and wise lyrics. Within You Without You has some of my all time favorite lyrics that are just as powerfull whether your stone sober or watching Jesus build the pyramids on a unicorn.

    Try to interpret I am the Walrus and you’ll know what I mean. Those Lennon lyrics made sense to me once, while in a drug induced trance, but they made no sense again by morning the next day.

    …still “more popular than Jesus” though…

    So McCartney gets second place for his amazing singing voice and peppy outlook on life. It’s really sad that John had a much shorter amount of time to have an effect on my hierarchy here, but atleast he didn’t embarrass himself on CNN while talking to the president of Newfoundland (?) about seal hunting….

    And Starr was always last, so sad, but he’s still a Beatle, all of which were awesome, and Ringo is still cooler than both Jager and Richards put together….OK, well Keith to the power of two atleast. Ringo’s work with Yellow Submarine ended up being what is probably the most memorable Beatles tune ever. Next time you get a chance, listen to Ringo’s harmony in the chorus, then try to sing it, and then have a little more respect for Ringo Starr as a musician….and try to forget Shining Time Station.

    …I burried Paul…turn me on dead man…

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    I can’t put Harrison’s songwriting above Lennon or McCartney any more than I could have put Dave Grohl’s output in Nirvana above Cobain’s.  Harrison’s solo career proved he was a talented songwriter to be sure, but he never had the opportunity to adequately compete against the 2, and I’m not sure he could have matched their sheer prolificness.

    But I have to address this point:

    So McCartney gets second place for his amazing singing voice and peppy outlook on life.

    McCartney wrote his fair share of upbeat stuff, but the man had nothing like a peppy outlook on life.  His greatest trick was to wrap really sad, lonely, and desperate songs in unbelievably happy music.

  • BADD

    I have to agree Paul was pretty sardonic and/or sarcastic in his writing, but he did have a veneer of hopefulness too. 

    Take Blackbird.

    Paul has been said to have written this about civil rights, but what is he doing in the song?  He is giving parts of himself away.  These parts ar broken or malformed in some way.

    “Take these broken wings and learn to fly”

    He is not being positive, he is actually criticizing the rights movement (if that was his true inspiration) heavily. 

    Regardless, I love that song to death.  My father used to sing it to me as a kid nad I never once thought about the words till I was well over 18.

    Typical Paul to me.  Everything is shiny and pleasant on the outside, but dig a little deeper and you find the dark heart of an angry man.

  • Chaud

    I also grew up with a heavy Beatle exposure as a child and was sung mostly songs written by John or Paul, Like Beautiful Boy and Blackbird.

    But it wasn’t until I got my mom the Concert of Bangladesh on DVD for christmas when I was 21ish (3 yrs ago), that I realized George Harrison was my Beatle of choice. That’s just my opinion because I really look up to his character and mentallity.

  • Chaud

    And you’re right, I shouldn’t have said peppy outlook, I should have said effervescent piano playing and for being the happiest/smiliest Beatle of the four. Of course he had some songs like Eleanor Rigby or Rocky Racoon dealing with greef or death but that’s bound to come from such a caring individual as Paul, that’s his empathy showing, not anger. He has the power of chearing you up with what could really be a gloomy song if anyone else wrote it.

    Also, since Brian Epstein was mentioned, I have to address George Martin! That guy has had an amazing impact on the Beatles record sales and I love what he did with the new LOVE album.

  • http://www.myspace.com/yourgoodtwin Your Good Twin

    Oh, give me Paul any day over droll preachiness from a kook.

    Plus, I’ve always hated my friends that found girlfriends that were suddenly accelerated over any other friend, despite everything we may have been through.  John and Yoko are the mold that this ideal is poured into so personal feelings prevail in my distaste for the late Lennon.

  • http://www.simonshideout.com Simon

    Beatles are and have always been on heavy rotation in my house and I’ve studied, very closely, the lives of Paul and John.

    Paul is/was the consummate optimist.  His influence shows so clearly I could almost dissect a McCartney/Lennon song and tell you which ideas he contributed.  Without Paul, the Beatles would not have lasted together as long as they did.

    In contrast to Paul’s skill was Lennon’s genius.  His pain and anger were never masked and his less than perfect vocals made him all the more relatable and genuine.  His word, beat and melody combinations were inspired.  Lennon never made himself the hero or tried to sugar coat the way the world is.

  • http://www.myspace.com/dragonlews elkciN

    Which one is the Beatles again? They were in that Eminem song, right?

    John, Paul, George (a close third), Ringo (Well, he was there, too), and….Doc, was it?

    Let it be known that my opinion is final.

  • festusMA


  • Chaud

    Happy 65th B-Day Paul McCartney!!

    …and yes we still need you, here’s to another 64 or more….K, well that’s just inhuman, unless we get his head in a jar like in futurama.

  • Chaud

    People sure get tempermental when you break away from the Paul, John, George, Ringo norm eh. Everyone loves the Beatles until I say George is my favorite one, heh heh.

  • Chaud

    Also, I’m not religious in any way…

  • http://www.myspace.com/mero85 rainsng

    i prefer paul’s voice, but i love john’s music writing. his solo song on the children of men soundtrack is amazing.

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    Poor, poor Ringo

  • BADD

    “(Lennon) was the soul of the Beatles, Harrison was the spirit, Paul was the

    heart, and Ringo was the drummer.’’

    Larry Martin

  • BADD

    Then again…..

    “We were all supposed to be something different. Paul was the face, I was the smart one, George with all his mysticism, was the spirit, and Ringo was the heart. I certainly don’t have any hard feelings about him, never had a reason to.”—John Lennon: Dakota Days by John Green

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