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by alphamonkey on June 11, 2007 · 1 comment

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This is London is reporting that on May 27th, Lauren and Hannah Bernaba became the world’s first set of twins delivered by different mothers.  Apparently, fertilized eggs were implanted both into Amy Bernaba and surrogate Torry Keay on the thinking that 40 year old Bernaba would be unlikely to take a pregnancy to term due to health issues, but both resulted in viable pregnancies, leading to Lauren and Hannah being born just 30 minutes apart.

I’ll leave aside the notion of the Bernaba family undergoing a total of 15 IVF treatments over 12 years to merely say this:  Lauren and Hannah are not twins, dammit.  They’re siblings.  Twins are genetically identical (indeed they are 100% perfect matches on a genetic level), and are the result of a single egg splitting within the first few days of zygote formation.  There is no hereditary trait (that we know of) that results in identical twins, and they account for only 3 in 1000 births worldwide.  It’s common to refer to fraternal siblings (which result from multiple egg fertilization and can be a hereditary trait) as twins, but in reality they’re just siblings born on the same day.  Alright, so that’s a personal standard, not a commonly accepted one, but still….

While I’m on the subject…. I’m still getting used to the attention our family gets when we venture out into the world, but I don’t begrudge it as I know that twins just tweak out everyone’s baby receptors.  What I will never get used to is the audacity of those less tactful folk who ask us if our girls are ‘natural twins’.  I realize that we live in a world where multiple births resulting from fertility treatments are becoming more and more common, but it’s not like I’m walking up to the parents of a single child and asking ‘so was this kid the result of some penis on vagina action, or did mommy do a bad thing with the baster?’.  Yes, my girls are natural twins, but even if they weren’t it certainly wouldn’t be a topic of discussion with some random stranger in line at the local ice cream stand.

If the title of this post means nothing to you, then you were never subjected to this album

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  • Jacomo

    I think we’ve found an Angry-Button on AM. I think if we can get someone to ask him about his girls’ origin while sipping an ice cold Mountain Dew, he’ll turn into the hulk. Any volunteers?

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