Midnight Madness w/ PoP!

by alphamonkey on June 6, 2007 · 0 comments

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After a particularly insano evening with the girls, the wife and I collapsed on the couch for a little Hugh Grant action by means of Music & Lyrics which, as romantic comedies go, is pretty meh.  Most of the industry parody goes a little too far into ham territory, and the inevitable conflict moment seemed really forced and tacked on.  However, I did like that the filmmakers tapped pop-genius Adam Schlesinger (from Fountains of Wayne) to pen most of the tracks, as well as grabbing ABC‘s frontman Martin Fry for vocal coaching and backup vocals. (Though in a few moments, it really does sound like Fry singing and not Grant)

Here’s the far too hammy video for the (surprisingly) great pop gem ’Pop! goes My Heart‘ that starts out the film.  Oddly enough, this track wasn’t written by Schlesinger but by Alanna Vicente and A. Wyatt Blackmore.

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