Midnight Madness w/ Tiny Tim

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You know, I’m almost sad that entire generations are growing up with out being exposed to the musical stylings of Herbert Khaury aka Tiny Tim.  While the towering man with the curly hair and achingly high falsetto usually came across as some kind of hippie burnout, Tim was in reality a deeply traditional guy with a staggering knowledge of folk music from around the world.  His career in popular music ran from the late 60’s until his death in the late 1990’s, but he’ll probably be best known for both his signature tune ‘Tiptoe Through the Tulips’ and for his marriage to 17 year old ‘Miss Vicki’, which was performed on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

How odd to think that this gent not only appears on the 1968 Beatles fan club Christmas record (covering ‘Nowhere Man’ of all things), but Tim also won over the crowd at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival.  No mean feat that, considering he was sharing a stage with the likes of Leonard Cohen, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, and The Who.

So let’s honor this tireless performer (who died from a heart attack suffered on-stage, no less) with what should, in any sane world, be a required listen:  Tiny Tim covering Rod Stewart’s 1978 classic, ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?’. 

thanks to Cynical Smirk for the video find.

Some more classic Tim in the extended…

Tim covers ‘Earth Angel’ and unleashes his seldom heard (and awesome) baritone pipes


Tim performs ‘Tiptoe Through The Tulips’ for a rather disturbed Rowan & Martin.


In your face, Robert Plant.  Tim tears down the Stairway to Heaven.


Uh, oh.  Tim’s got Great Balls of Fire.


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