(Not Really) The Transformers

by alphamonkey on June 6, 2007 · 0 comments

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Michael Bay, noted hack and raper of eyeballs astute and respectful purveyor of high quality cinema, posted a short clip from his upcoming atrocity abomination visual clusterf@ck film, Transformers on his official site last night, which you can view by clicking this.

While the quality of the clip surely doesn’t help matters, I don’t see much evidence that the visual action will make much sense (as per Bay’s trademark seizure inducing cinematography/editing).  I’ll admit it: I’ll probably still go see this film, even though I’m still furious that all the designs were drastically changed (no small thanks there to Bay’s exclusive deal with GM) and the robot forms look like something Johnny #5 ejaculated.

Kudos to Cynical Smirk for the Bay footage tip.

In case you need some palette watching after that, you might check out my personal favorite Optimus Prime animation (with appropriate music).

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