Parigo Studios

by alphamonkey on June 15, 2007 · 0 comments

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Parigo Studios is a photography & video outfit out of Lexington, Missouri run by the husband and wife team of Nicole and Brandon Parigo.  While it’s exceptionally atypical of me to post this type of photo work, the shots the Parigo’s have put up on their photoblog just really tickle my eye bones.  I don’t typically get excited about wedding photography, but there’s a Life Magazine quality to these shots that really makes me wish that magazine was still around. 

I think we’re much poorer as a culture for no longer having a regular showcase for the slice of life photography that Life Magazine was so famous for, so any chance to recapture that feel is okay by me.

I rarely (if ever) use this space to pimp the work of my friends, but in the spirit of disclosure I should admit that I know the Parigos from my days as a bookstore monkey. 

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