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Science Daily is reporting that University of Utah physicists have developed a means to transform heat waste (such as the type that’s given off by radar arrays and the like) into sound and then into usable electricity.

In similar news, you may have seen reports that MIT researchers have found a means of wirelessly transmitting electricity, (a feat which Nikola Tesla envisioned well over a hundred years ago) and can reliably power 100 watt devices using the principle of magnetic resonance.

Who didn’t love themselves some Spirograph? It was like making dream catchers with science! Anyway, Rosemarie Fiore loved Spirograph so much, she hacked a Scrambler amusement park ride by adding compressors and buckets of paint to create 60ft x 60ft installation art reminiscent of a much beloved childhood gadget.  Way, way cool. 

Richard Sidman at the Harvard Institutes of Medicine in Boston, US, and colleagues have discovered that human neural stem cells injected into monkeys alleviated Parkinson’s Disease effects for nearly 4 months, and the cells dispersed throughout the brain to buffer against further damage.  But hey, wasted and discarded embryos in the pursuit of 50 year old’s with multiple pregnancies good, but utilizing embryos to keep America warm in the loving embrace of Michael J. Fox bad, right?

And finally, to commemorate my very first Apple post that didn’t involve name-calling or outright hatred (that being the post directly beneath this one), how about taking a stroll down memory lane with Woz as he showcases the powerhouse systems of 1984?

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