The Crossing

by alphamonkey on June 13, 2007 · 1 comment

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If you’ve never visited Ferry Halim’s wonderful site, then you’ve deprived yourself of some of the most beautiful and entertaining game action ever created by mankind’s fumbling fingers.  Thankfully, you can hide your shame away, as Halim has released a new game entitled The Crossing, so you can now pass on the site as a total ‘Oh, I’ve been going there for ages‘ thing.

The Crossing plays as a kind of pastoral version of Pong for people who gently release spiders back into the world from the confines of their porch, and has you controlling a variable size log to help frolicing deer make their way across a wide creek bed.  Because, as we all know, deer catch on fire when put into contact with running water.  Wait, that might be vampires.  I can’t remember.

Anyway, it’s a lovely game sure to totally offset any caffeine you’ve had this morning, so you might want to save this one until post-angry-meeting with the boss.

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  • Look Madge! I soaked in it!


    So soft … so soothing … so mildly amusing …

    That really made my Orinoco Flow!

    Sail Away …

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