The Golden Compass

by alphamonkey on June 1, 2007 · 11 comments

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I’ve been a fan of Philip Pullman’s ’His Dark Materials‘ trilogy for quite some time, and I’ve been following the development of the series into films with no small degree of trepidation.  The The Golden Compass film site has made the trailer available for viewing, and oddly enough it neither lessened nor heightened my fears for the film. 

It’s a wonderful series of books, and certainly worthy of the massive amount of praise and accolades that have been showered upon it.  Here’s hoping they managed to adhere to the spirit of the novels.

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  • aezell

    These are amazing novels. Are they planning on making all 3 books into movies?

  • .alphamonkey.

    Yah, the deal was for all three.  Though I imagine that would be contingent on how well The Golden Compass does. 

    Weird fact: Pullman wanted Samuel L. Jackson to play Lee Scoresby.  How weird would that have been?

  • aezell

    I agree, that’s odd. BTW, I met Pullman at his home when I was studying in Oxford. An impetuous fellow student, who happened to be a Catholic monk, made me go with him to try to find the house. When we did, Pullman and his wife invited us inside. That’s the shortest version of that story I can tell smile

  • elkciN

    Due to what I can only assume is some kind of brain defect, I was reading your comment as if it were referring to BILL Pullman. Then I imagined that the long version of the story was “It was very, very dry and boring”.

    Just thought I’d share.

  • aezell


    No, if you know much about Phillip Pullman, you can imagine that a Catholic Benedictine monk and an atheist Oxford grad student showing up at this door probably made his day.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Oh, c’mon.  Bill Pullman seems like he’d be a hoot.  Didn’t you ever see Zero Effect?

  • BADD

    Not for nothing, but being familiar with the Benedictine order, I am pretty sure they are not allowed to have wives.  I believe it would be more clear to say that he was formally a Benedictine Monk.

    Newark New Jersey has a nice Benedictine Monastery.  I spent the night there once.  Only once.  It is located on Martin Luther King Blvd.  At the time that area was like a war zone.  I didn’t sleep much.

  • aezell

    The monk was a friend of mine. I never said he had a wife. I think you misread something.

  • BADD

    OK!!!!  I am now able to offer my apology to you!

    Upon rereading your post I realized I had made an assumption.  For some reason I thought you were calling Pullman a Benedictine monk.

    Now for the story of what it took to get back here to tell you that….

    I came on the sight to check any responses, and saw yours.  Realizing my mistake, I clicked “reply to this message”.  Next thing I know I am being asked to fill out an error report.  I decline it, restart SeaMonkey (my browser), and try to respond once again.  Same thing happens.

    Frustrated I immediately go to to try to see if I can stop this error from occurring.  I try to update my quicktime install.  It won’t work.  I kept getting an error that I am missing an .msi file.  I decide to uninstall Quicktime and start from scratch.  I can’t uninstall Quicktime. 

    Now I have removed as much of quicktime as possible, but I still cannot reinstall it.  It seems it still believes it is installed, or that file is still missing. 

    I have even attempted to edit my registry, removing all quick time references.  Still no dice.  I have tried to supply the file it wants.  It says they are invalid.

    I have no idea what to do next.  I believe I may try a restore to a few days back, but that won’t stop the error messages. 

    Sounds like fun huh?

  • Thewellis

    Northern Lights, its not a golden compass but a liefograph, and the idea of northern lights as a bridge seemed fascinating. but to destroy it so?

    it was almost as bad as recalling the philosophers stone the sorcerer’s stone just because it was believed american kids have problem with saying philosopher (ignoring the actual mythology of the philosophers stone)

    golden compass, what *#$)*@(%$%()#$*@ and so forth…

  • aezell

    It’s actually called an “alethiometer” in the novel.

    You are right about “golden compass” not being in the story. The title of the first book was changed to “The Golden Compass” when it was published in the US. I assume Pullman had to approve that change, so the movie is in keeping with the US title of the book. Perhaps, it does align a bit better with the other book titles of “The Subtle Knife” and “The Amber Spyglass.”

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