The Three Hundred

by alphamonkey on June 22, 2007 · 0 comments

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No, no.  Not yet another movie reference, but it does dovetail nicely into a recent comments discussionThe Three Hundred in question refers to game designer (and web comic author) Squidi’s promise to post a gameplay mechanic that has never been used before.  So far Squidi’s plotted out games using such disparate elements as negative space, redefined nodal movement, time shifting, etc. etc.  He’s also posted his thoughts on completely redefining Role Playing Games by removing the seemingly canon concepts of leveling and experience points.

This is a wonderful, wonderful resource for anyone interested in game design/mechanics, and (since he’s admitting he has no intention of patenting or copyrighting his ideas) it should serve as a great starting point for any discussion on how gaming needs to evolve and realign itself from it’s current path.

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