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by alphamonkey on June 6, 2007 · 0 comments

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Apparently Fox News Channel’s insanity propelled the news channel into into Bizarro world on Monday, as political analyst Tammy Bruce commented on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent comments that missile shield technology would cause Russia to point missiles at European targets (woo-hoo!  Cold War 2.0!) by responding with

“another glaring example of the growing incompetency of the Bush administration and his foreign policy”

Oddly enough, Democratic strategist Bob Beckel concluded that “I support Bush on this … and it’s a strange day when I do that.”.

Not to be outdone on the ‘holy crap, what kind of Sci-Fi Year 3000 bullshit world is this’ scale, Bruce went on state:

“I’m waiting to find the space aliens that kidnapped the president that I grew to admire after September 11 and left this tool behind. … I’m furious.”

found via The Raw Story, which has video of the exchange.

Our only hope is that the Scorpions will once again rise to the occasion and end yet another Cold War.

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