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by alphamonkey on June 19, 2007 · 3 comments

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Sure, I could stretch these links out into individual posts, but this way I get to pass the savings on to you!

Holding true to the Hollywood axiom that new movies mean new toys, the new ‘Batpod’ has been unveiled.  I’m not certain why Bat-Cycle wasn’t acceptable, as ‘Batpod’ sounds like The Dark Knight’s emo podcast, but no one asks me.  Had they asked me, I’d probably have wondered why the hell Batman needs machine guns on his chopper. 

Need to get your curmudgeon on?  Head on over to the Kurt Vonnegut Library, which hosts the late author’s novels in PDF format.

I’ve tried to avoid blowing my gasket over political stuff this last week, but some things just cannot be left alone.  So you know that whole Department of Justice snafu regarding the dismissal of US Attorneys based on political criteria?  Guess what happens when the nation no longer believes the Justice Department is acting on a purely non-political basis?  Defense attorneys begin questioning the motives of US Prosecutors and moving for dismissal of charges, that’s what.  While it’s mostly just the maneuvering of clever defense attorneys, their arguments may find traction in a jury pool that doesn’t believe in the impartiality of the DOJ.  Yea, for blowback!

Ever thought about chucking it all and just sitting on your computer all day?  Why not sit on your computer all day and farm for gold as a participant in the growing economy of gold and item farming in the World of Warcraft.  The New York Times has a great article about how companies are profiting from the game, and there’s an even a documentary on the subject.

In some brigher political news, Newsweek profiles the meeting of Pennsylvania Representative Mike Doyle and mash-up artist Girl Talk (or Gregg Gillis to his mom) as they discuss the sticky issue of fair use and copyright reform.  An important topic for Girl Talk, as his last release made the Rolling Stone best of the year list, but the album can’t be purchased via official channels due to the sheer number of unlicensed samples.  Will anything come of this?  Who knows, but at least it’s evidence that some in Washington are beginning to understand that copyright means more than just dollars in a big studio’s pocket.

And finally we move on to a topic that everyone can agree on: Hipsters (namely, how much we hate them).  The very clever site Hipsterotica sends up the more-indie-than-thou social class through their most intimate moments interspersed with clever interviews of up and coming bands.  NSFW text, but unless you’re running Text-to-Speech at full volume, you’ll be fine.

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  • http://www.simonshideout.com Simon

    I for one like a little political commentary and think it’s high time us Americans took back our country.  I wrote an email to Gonzo just the other day, which I’m sure he’ll never receive.

    Mr Gonzalez,

    Any man in your position with a shred of decency would step down.  …You are the antithesis of Justice.  You are a puppet.


  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    It’s probably just as well.  There’s no need to remind Gonzo that his shred of decency was surgically removed in 1994.

  • Boss Robot

    The batcycle needs to be pointy-er like his head

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